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Class Descriptions

Classes for 2 year olds – 1st grade
Tiny Tot BALLET: Learn the basic ballet movements and ballet terminology. An excellent dance and coordination starter for an active toddler.

Age Group: 2-4 (must be potty trained)

TINY TOT TAP/JAZZ/TUMBLING COMBINATION CLASS: This class is a great way for your toddler to explore the different types of dance. The students receive 20-30 min of each discipline depending on the class you choose. Our tiny tot class is offered several times a week so you can choose which day and time works best for you

Age Group: 2 years ~ Pre K (must be potty trained)

Mini’s TAP and JAZZ COMBINATION CLASS: This class prepares your dancer with the basics in tap and jazz. We work on musicality, rhythms, footwork, as well as, stretching, basic jazz movements, and performance.

Age: Kindergarten ~ 1st grade

Hip Hop Tumble Tots: This class is for our tiny dancers. Learn the exciting street style dance form as well as beginner tumbling moves.

Minimum Age: 3

Classes for 1st grade and up
BALLET: The basis for all forms of dance; therefore anyone desiring complete dance training must take consistent ballet classes. Repetition of basic skills strengthens the development of more advanced dance techniques.

Minimum Age: 5

Levels offered: Basic ~ Elem Ballet ~ Ballet I/II ~ Petite Ballet~ Jr. Ballet ~ Teen Ballet ~ Senior Ballet ~ Pointe

Note: For proper ballet training, a minimum of 1-3 years should be spent in each level depending on developmental progression.

JAZZ: Instruction begins with basic motion /motor skills. This leads to jazz steps and combinations. Students are taught warm up techniques to help with strength and flexibility and prepare them for more difficult technique such as kicks, turns, leaps, and jumps.

Minimum grade: 2nd

Levels offered: Jazz 1~ Jazz II-IV ~ Beg. / Int. Jazz ~ Jr. Jazz ~ MS Jazz~ Teen Jazz ~ HS Jazz ~Senior Jazz

TAP: is a blend of syncopated rhythms which emphasizes footwork and the expression of rhythms through sound. All classes work on basic tap skills progressing through tap steps, combinations and eventually dance routines.

Minimum grade: 2nd

Levels offered: Tap I/II ~ Beg. / Int. Tap ~ Tap III/IV ~ Int. Tap ~ Int. / Adv. Tap ~ Adv. Tap

HIP HOP: is a blend of jazz technique and street style dancing.

Minimum grade: 1st

Levels offered: Tiny Tot~ Elem Hip Hop

LYRICAL: is a combination of jazz and ballet. Lyrical allows students to connect with their emotional side. Students enrolled in lyrical must be enrolled in a ballet and/or jazz class.

Minimum grade: 3rd

Levels offered: Int. Lyrical ~ MS/HS Lyrical ~ Int. Adv Lyrical ~ Adv. Lyrical

ACRO/ TUMBLING: focuses on introduction of basic tumbling skills such as rolls and cartwheels and progresses to more advanced skills such as aerials and handsprings. Students also learn Acro tricks and combinations involving tumbling and dance.

Minimum age: 5

Levels: Beginner to Advanced

Contortion Class: Contortion is an usual physical display of flexibility and grace. This is a great way to enhance your range of movement with the use of dramatic bending poses and special stretching techniques. This is an excellent class for dancers or anyone who wants to achieve flexibility to their lower back.

Minimum Age: 8

Aerial Class: This class takes the dancer/acro performer to the next level of a more challenging sort of acro beauty and grace on different aerial equipment that hangs above the floor. A special art form that completes the dancer.

Minimum Age: 7

Triple Threat Class: This class will involve learning to do your resume, how to present yourself, audition readiness, acting, singing and dance.

Minimum Age: 7

Dance Team Prep: For dancers who want to get stronger in all areas of dance team performance, how to audition different styles, such as pom pon, kick line, and precision performance.

Minimum Age: Middle School/High School

Elementary Lyrical: This class is for elementary age students who would like to use their emotional side to connect with their dance techniques to form soft & emotional dances.

Minimum Age: 7